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Welcome to Wasabi Sushi Lounge!

At Wasabi Sushi Lounge we have a special offer called:
"All you can eat"
Drinks and our dips are payed separately.

Price for adults 219dkk price for children under 10 years 99dkk

(ID may be required)


Everyone at the table has to decide,

whether they want "all you can eat" or order from our normal menu card.

If You decide to have "all you can eat",

You will receive a black menu card with our sushi and our starters.

You can order as many times and as much as you want.

Our only rule is that You eat everything what You order.

All pieces left on the plate will be packed,

so You can have them with You and You will be charged 20dkk for every piece.

This is our attempt, to reduce food waste.

We recommend You to order our starters first, then order Your sushi in small orders.

This will make Your waiting time shorter,

and also help You to avoid, accidentally, ordering too much food. 

We will be happy to see you!


Best regards Wasabi Sushi Lounge